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ProMus Group operates several retail locations across Germany. We offer a complete range of specialized services. Our aim is to increase the value of your property with excellent and innovative services.

We can do this for you:
  • New development of shopping centers
  • Full transparency in providing operational services
  • Property, market analysis and market research
  • Center management and operation management
  • Nationwide retail marketing
  • Center marketing and advertising activities
  • Support / management of tenant associations
  • Reconstruction and revitalization
  • Well-qualified and well-trained management teams on site
  • Comprehensive monthly, quarterly and annual reports on all operational matters
  • Tenant support and programs for open and ongoing communication with both business and office clients
  • Financial reporting in accordance with the requirements of the owners and investors
  • Leasing, releasing and special leasing according to owner or investor requirements
  • Energy management programs for lower operating costs and first-class service to the end user
  • Marketing programs to achieve positive results at lower costs with improved ICSC participation