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Investing in a pension is a stable financial guarantee for your future and a value-based investment form. However, the management of your pension is a considerable expense, which we gladly incur. We create rental contracts, manage and supervise your home and carry out redevelopment work if necessary. Only with first-class support you can ensure the long-term lettability and thus the value of your property.

ProMus Group is a full-service provider and cares about everything you could do:
  • Reduced organizational effort
  • A personal contact for all your needs
  • Optimal value creation and leasing
  • Favorable conditions due to large order volumes
  • Fast and competent action through 24-hour service

Uncompromising customer orientation

Each property is different, this also applies to pension apartments. For this reason, ProMus Group assumes that each project requires individual and tailor-made solutions. We will arrange for you and your apartment to be coordinated with you, ranging from the first draft of the rental agreement to the care of the tenants up to the settlement of the operating costs and for the settlement of all payments through a fiduciary account. Here you will find some services in detail:

  • Rental of car parking spaces
  • Management of deposits
  • Bidding rules, indexing and collection
  • Monthly levy of rental income
  • Pre-registrations of turnover tax and preparation of the annual declaration
  • Payment of the operating and maintenance costs in your name and on your invoice
  • Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual accounts

Splendid apartments thanks to the service of the ProMus Group

With a pension you invest in your future. In order to secure this, the property needs to be constantly maintained and improved. Reconstruction and improvement work may be necessary, especially in the event of a change of tenants, in order to ensure a rapid re-letting. We are your perfect partner for this and support you with the planning, the control up to the completion of the work to be carried out.

Our competent building service supports you at a reasonable price:

  • Moving co-ordination of tenants
  • Disposal of old housing
  • Laying new floors
  • Repair and painting work on the walls
  • Complete final cleaning

All-round service including house support

A dwelling house brings work and duties. We will gladly take care of this by looking after everything from the current cleaning up to upcoming administrative authorities all year round. Since we handle large volumes of orders with our partners, you benefit from favorable conditions. ProMus Group takes the all-round service literally:

  • Long-term optimization of management costs
  • Inspection of the condition of the house by regular inspection
  • Organization and control of all maintenance, service and maintenance work
  • VAT deduction with the tax office for the homeowner
  • Settlement of accrued insurances
  • Permanent availability through 24-hour service