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Here you can get an overview of all our services. Detailed information can be found in the individual points of our Internet presentation. We are looking forward to provide you with a manager contract for rental housing schemes on request.

Rental management

  • Search and selection of the tenant for vacated apartments
  • Conclusion of leases
  • Rental of space by means of a detailed transfer protocol
  • Acceptance of tenant's deposit
  • Verification of rental increases and implementation of rental increases
  • Monitoring the regular and contractual use of the rented premises
  • Termination or cancellation of tenancy agreements
  • Repurchase of rented apartments by means of a detailed inspection report

Object management

  • Implementation of necessary measures for the proper maintenance and repair as well as in other urgent cases of the measures required to preserve the object
  • Settlement of insurances
  • Regular inspection of the residential premises by the property manager
  • Contact for the tenants in all questions concerning the tenancy relationship
  • Inform the owner about current events
  • Selection of reliable, local craftsmen for the work and acceptance of the agreed services.
  • Close co-operation with caretakers and cleaning staff on site and control of the work carried out
  • Other engineering services (for example, the ordering of keys, the testing and maintenance of safety equipment, heating systems etc.)

Legal assistance

  • Extrajudicial enforcement of any claims by the owner against tenants
  • Exercise of landlord's right
  • Representation of the owner in legal proceedings

Financial and asset management

  • Establishment and management of property-related accounting
  • Collection and receipt of rental fees, including operating costs
  • Settlement with the tenant over his operating costs and heating costs
  • Long-term control of incoming rent
  • Receipt, safekeeping and settlement of deposits
  • Monthly informing the owner about income and expenses

Further services

  • Involvement of caretakers, maintenance companies and suppliers on the basis of contracts
  • Monitoring the proper implementation of the contracts; termination, in particular termination of the said contracts